Judaica Artwork 

Brooke is a Jewish artist who is fascinated by the vibrancy of the Torah and the Jewish religion. One time, when Brooke was in college, she presented a bright, colorful, dynamic, Jewish themed painting to the class and was met with a long silence. Finally the professor quizzically exclaimed, "Hmm, this piece is interesting. I thought all Jewish artwork was just Holocaust themed," to which Brooke responded, "Actually I like to showcase what Judaism is, not just who's tried to kill us." That episode sums up, in short, Brooke's mission as a Jewish artist. In this world where the general population regards the Jews as a group that has endured and survived persecution throughout the ages, Brooke wishes to showcase the vivacious spirit of the Jewish Bible, laws, blessings, and traditions in a lively, happy, and energetic way.