About the Artist

Brooke Foster is an artist specializing in paintings and drawings with a wide variety of themes and subject matters. Brooke grew up in Irvine, Ca and was always drawn towards creative expression and application. She developed her talent and skills further by enrolling in the Art Program at Arizona State University and graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art with an Emphasis in Drawing degree. Brooke began working as an art teacher at various schools and camps during college and has been able to continue sharing her love of art with students since. Brooke lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband and children. Brooke has been building a collection of Judaica Artwork which helps her and others connect to Judaism and experience the bright, vibrant themes of the Torah, Jewish Laws, blessings, and traditions. Her newest series of projects are portraits from the back view, called "Backa Yohead" illustrations. Brooke also loves to host and lead step-by-step Painting Parties for private groups and organizations. Brooke is always taking on new projects and exploring various new art applications!